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Church and School Pastor

Pastor Bogdan a dedicated man of God, with a big heart for people. He has 30 years of experience as a Pastor in Ukraine and United States and also a former instructor at a Bible Institution in Lviv Ukraine. His wisdom, experience, and a faith full walk with God give him the expertise needed to pass the best knowledge to our students.



Alex, is the founder of Missionary Bible School. He has been serving God in the missionary field for 7 years, taking teams to different parts of the world including Mexico, Cuba and Ukraine. Alex has a loving and compassionate heart. His love for God and His people is what drives him to go the extra mile to spread the Good News effectively. He believes that it is critical that each student is exposed to both the spiritual and academic experiences.



Oleg Stepanyuk is a true professional: kind, approachable, and patient. He has over 20 years of experience with Youth Ministry as well as Preaching Ministry.  A combination of talent and expertise make Oleg Stepanyuk a valuable staff member. He will really enhance each student’s education and prepare them for the future. His experience makes him a perfect fit for our school.



Pastor Anatoliy has a humble and a compassionate heart. His experience as a Pastor and a missionary in Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and Cuba is valuable to our school. Pastor Anatoliy will really enhance each student’s education and prepare them for the future. Their experience makes them a perfect fit for our school.



Sergey is a diligent, enthusiastic and a generous man of God, who has been working in the missionary field in Ukraine for over 15 years. He has completed the International Missionary School DTS from Youth with a Mission. Experience in the missionary field and also an extensive time as a worship leader make him a valuable addition to the school staff.


Spanish Instructor

Zoryana is a member of House of Prayer Church. She graduated UNL with a degree in English and Psychology. During High School she completed 5 years of Spanish classes and was mentored in the language throughout middle school. Zoryana has gained experience in the missionary field in Mexico. Her skills are very useful for our school.


Spanish Instructor 

Susannah is a part of House of Prayer Christian Church. She is a freshman at UNL and will be majoring in Music Performance and minoring in Spanish. She too has completed 4 years of High School Spanish classes. Susannah has great experience in the Missionary field in Mexico with 5 trips to different parts of Mexico. God has a plan and a place for her prepared in ministry and we are excited to have her on board.



Nikolay has great organization skills in every task he takes on. He makes sure he caters to the needs and concerns of each student. He too has experience in the missionary field in Ukraine and recently Mexico. We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce this invaluable member of the team.


Technical Operations Administrator

Photographer and videographer, Elena is passionate about serving God with her skills. She has participated in two missionary trips to Mexico and God definitely has a place in ministry for her. She is dedicated to make our school efficiently function to its fullest potential.